Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Red Gloves," the second book in the Samaritans Conspiracy will be available in 48 hours!

I'm beyond excited to say that "Red Gloves" the second novel in "the Samaritans Conspiracy" will be out within the next 48 hours!

Just as the City of Portland Maine is struck with a horrific crime wave of high school drugs and teenage killings, Lead Detective Priscilla Harris’s life swirls out of control.  A terrible car accident has derailed her son’s basketball dreams, so he quits college and turns to methamphetamines to cope.  To keep him from backsliding any further, Priscilla spends thousands of dollars on two drug rehab programs, but when the second try fails she doesn’t know where to turn. Worse yet, she learns her husband has stolen the remaining $30,000 of her inheritance money to run off with his beautiful, blond secretary. In the midst of it all, a mysterious red-gloved stranger is stalking both Priscilla and her son.

Can Priscilla find some way to save her city before her son joins the other teenagers whose bodies are stacking up like cordwood?

In “The Santa Shop” Tim Greaton showed us the bitterness of despair and the sweet taste of hope. In this second book of “The Samarians Conspiracy,” he serves up a full seven-course, emotional meal. Priscilla’s story will drag you through the depths of struggle and despair but not without amazing rewards.

One reviewer says, “Tim’s fans will follow him to Hell in gasoline raincoats….” Isn’t it time you found out why?  

This novel has been over a year in the making, and I sincerely hope it lives up to the expectations of the 80,000-plus readers who have already enjoyed "The Santa Shop." Please know that I couldn't have done it without the support of so many readers. I will be forever grateful for this life of writing that you have all so graciously granted to me.