Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Her Yearning for Blood, Triple-length (80-page) Episode Four coming within the week...

Hi, Everyone:
As promised, Episode Four of "Her Yearning for Blood" is a whopping 80+ pages, and it hits bookstores within the next week. The first episode is FREE everywhere!
In Episode Four, not only is jealousy and rage flowing like beer in the little town of Groacherville, Maine, so too is danger. While Evan finds and battles the Dillon berserker, Kayla has her hands full with Carlson from Boston. In the midst of his life and death battle with the zombie, Evan encounters the vampire equivalent of kryptonite. Meanwhile, Paul falls prey to something even worse.

Against her will, Kayla is forced to call the Boston clan of vampires and learns they are willing to dissect every "rogue" vampire in Maine if that's what it takes to uncover Evan's secret to longevity. As tensions in Boston continue to boil, the brutal vampire leader Thomas invokes a forbidden wolf ritual in a last ditch effort to save Belinda, his queen, from the final flames of death.


Episodes Two and Three are just $.99 each, or for $1.75 you can get all three!