Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tim - The Third Blog - and the last one we will have to count each time :-)

Tonight on the blog: a couple of great Fat Duck stories, an update on the current Ripped From My Cold Young Fingers edit review, my Supernatural TV thoughts, why Focus House makes me work too hard, classical music, and lots of other odds and ends...

Fat Duck: As always, we start with the stoutest of our Outdoor Children. He has had an interesting couple of days. On Friday, I think, he was still out in the yard near dusk, so I went to get him a handful of hay for his pen then tried to herd him toward it. I think he must have been frightened by the hay, because instead of doing what I wanted him to he waddled under the porch (after leading me on a grand chase from one end to the other of our sixty foot porch to the other and back). Finally, a little frustrated, I went inside and figured I'd wait fifteen minutes before trying again. I no more than sat down in my office before my son came in and said, "Fat Duck's on the porch next to his cage." I, of course, went outside and Fatty walked right into his safe pen and a snack. Yesterday, we had a little disagreement about his desire to be on the porch. I went outside about 10:00 in the morning to find him standing at the top of the stairs. He hadn't made any mess, so I thought I'd give him a few minutes while I watched the little birds build a nest in my brand new hanging strawberry plant (so much for strawberries). Fat Duck seemed perfectly content and even turned backward to sleep with his head on his back (it's a neat trick but not everyone should try it). After about fifteen minutes, I figured leisure time was over, so I walked over to gently coerce Fatty into flying down the stairs. He, of course, responded by making a HUGE mess before flying down.

Ripped From My Cold Young Fingers: Here's my semi-weekly whine session about how freakin' slow I am when it comes to reviewing, approving and returning edits. I have been working diligently on my first review of "Ripped..." edits for weeks, but I seem to barely have made progress after sometimes hours of effort. I'm at 36% complete, as of this moment. I would say I'm averaging about 4 pages per hour, but I fear that number is probably much lower. The editors have been kind, and I usually agree with most of their notations. My problem is that I keep disecting scenes. I imagine that I'm only doing it when needed, but if that's the case: a lot of them need it. In any event, I will keep on pushing forward. 'Hoping to wrap this up soon. The first round of Zachary Pill edits await :-)

Supernatural (TV Show): By now, everyone should know that I'm basically into any tv show or movie that involves aliens or fantasy/supernatural themes. Supernatural is no exception. What's really made me mad, though, is that both Friday and Saturday mornings (after midnight) when I tried to watch the finale segments on DVR, I nodded in and out of sleep both times. I now have to go back and watch everything that I missed. I do LOVE that Cas is apparently going to be back. I do HATE that none of the women from the show ever last. I think another Ruby-like character should join the cast next year. By the way, what did you all think of real-Sam marrying real-Ruby. Guess that happens a lot when you work so closely together in Hollywood. Unfortunately, it seems celebs split even more often than the rest of us. My excuse for marriage after 19 years is that I married an angel and she, for some crazy reason, keeps putting up with me. Go figure :-)

My Weekend: I'd like to say that I spent my weekend yaughting or traveling abroad, but since I'm neither rich nor famous (not until you tell everyone to read Tim's books! :-) I actually spent my weekend editing of course, working several hours for two really great charities, replacing brakes on the car my son is using for the summer, picking up a new washing machine because ours lost a lid switch and I hadn't made the time to change it yet, helping relative repair severely broken fender on a riding mower (I grew up working at my Dad's autobody shop). But, because it has rained on and off, I got very little lawn work done. Of course, I do have a college son home and a high school son who claims he wants to earn money...but I didn't hear anyone else running the lawn equipment :-(

Focus House To-Do Lists: If you have ever watched a military movie and seen the bootcamp instructor barking out instructions, you know what it's like to be an author on Carrie Rourke's list. She is the one who started me blogging and posting nearly everywhere you can imagine. I've been asked to find a few interesting discussions and join them on Goodreads before I wrap up tonight. If you think Carrie has been working me too hard, please feel free to email her at and tell her I should have more time to sleep and lounge around on the porch talking to Fat Duck :-)

Charity Visits and Tour Stops: No dates will be established until at least "Ripped From My Cold Young Fingers" and "Zachary Pill, The Dragon at Station End" have been released. Worst case scenario, everyone at Focus House is expecting me to be hitting the road in mid-September this year. If you have any stops you'd like to be included, please email Carrie at the address above. I don't even want to imagine what she's going to be like when I'm on the road. I suspect I'll be hearing from her more than from the woman on my GPS.

Classical Music: Okay, I'll make a tiny little admission here. I listen to classical music while I write (and edit, and blog...) I'm not sure when I picked up the habit, but it's been on and off for the last few years. I used to think it was because it was the only music that would block out the sound of my children's TV in the next room but also no break my concentration, but I've come to believe it actually helps me to think better. Of course, maybe that's complete bull---t and the reason I'm taking so long with my edits.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to edit this meandering missive, then I'll post :-)

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