Monday, July 29, 2013

You've got a lot of great days ahead of you. Make them count!

It's an overcast Monday here in Southern Maine. It seems that we've had a lot more rainy days this year, which of course doesn't upset the ducks too much.

Speaking of ducks, one of our domestic breeds disappeared for a few days two weeks ago, and when she came back it was with five little ducklings trailing behind. Over the next week, one disappeared.

Then last week, two more went missing...on the same day we saw two blue herons coming and going from our pond. A little quick internet research confirmed that ducklings were on the menu.

That day, I caught the remaining two babies and put them in a bird cage that used to house a parakeet. Each morning they sit near the water so their mother can see them.

Each night we bring them back on the porch or in the house. We hope they'll be large enough to let free in another couple of weeks.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. How nice that you managed to rescue two of the little ducklings in this bird-eat-bird world! (Kinda sad to see that side of the birds we find so beautiful.) One evening months ago, my husband and I were admiring a hawk that had landed in our crape myrtle, not ten feet away. We were so excited, until we suddenly realized that all the bird twitter and chirping and cooing we love to listen to had ceased. All our favorite birds that hang out in our back yard and packed up and left.

    Luckily, he left a day or so later (searching for prey, no doubt), and they all came back. But I haven't quite felt as admiring of a hawk's beauty as before. :-)

    1. Elizabeth, we love our "navy" as it is sometimes called around here.

      Those birds of prey are beautiful but merciless. We had a hawk (or falcon) grab a duck right out of the air two winters ago. I chased it out of our field, but it was too late for the duck :-(

      We want all the creatures to survive and thrive, but nature is cruel.

      Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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