Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Absolutely True! NASA is working on Star Trek-ish Warp Engine!

There have been teasers floating around about this for six months now, but we now know it is true: NASA has begun investigating a possible warp drive to send spaceships soaring at faster-than-light speeds. The impossible dream has now become the investigated dream.

Elon Musk of Space-X hinted a few months ago that he believed faster-than-light travel was impossible but that it might be possible to bend space in some fashion so that two distant points would effectively be much closer together. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking have both published books that along the way attempted to simplify the concept of flexible space.

The best example I have ever heard (which originated with one of them) goes something like this: imagine our solar system as a huge piece of black rubber stretched across space. Now imagine that someone has pinched and pulled out one section of the rubber: that is what a planet or the sun looks like.

The point being: gravity already has a slight warping effect on space and time. I suppose a warp drive might artificially increase that pinching effect.

In any event, this is simply one more example of how science is finally getting around to revolutionizing human existence in the big ways that were envisioned by science fiction writers starting more than a hundred years ago. With changes like this on the horizon, there is reason to believe the current worldwide economic doldrums will pass!

To learn more details about NASA's efforts, click right here:


  1. Matter of time, my friend. Matter of time.

    1. Might that be a literal play on words, Stephen? It is fascinating that sci-fi (not just Trek) has so closely foreseen the future...or is it simply a self-fulfilling vision that once imagined is inevitably created? Either way, great to see you on my screens :-)

  2. Fascinating. I'll pass on the news to Abdul and Larry. They'll be ecstatic! Now, if we can keep the information out of Skorzenzy's hands.

    1. I'm more concerned with Abdul's reaction to the news, Jeff. He might begin outfitting a plywood ship with plans to steal NASA's technology :-0

      For those of you who aren't aware, Jeff wrote a fascinating novel called "Gateway: Pioche" and the above-mentioned characters are Trekkies :-)


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