Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A year of projects and a new movie in the works...

Thanks, everyone, for your readership, friendship, and just general support.

2013 was a year of catching up for me. I had 18 months of project obligations and only about 12 months to get them all done. I also found myself riding an interesting wave of collaborative efforts, all of which are still working their way through the production pipeline.  I'm pleased to say that the workload was handled and I'm still standing. The great news is that I now get to enjoy a 2014 filled with new products and releases. Here's a brief update...


The Santa Shop has a brand new look and some text updates. It's also now available in a spectacular new paperback for only $7.99, which is a huge improvement over the $13.95 price tag set by the first publisher and later by Focus House Publishing.

Red Gloves, the second book in the Samaritans Conspiracy series, is also now available in paperback. The list price is just $9.99 but I heard Amazon and maybe some others are discounting it even lower.

The Santa Shop Anniversary edition will also be released in paperback this month. It's expanded by 40% and includes the extended ending I wrote for Hallmark Studios.

I have quite a bit more news to pass on, but the clock suggests that will have to wait till tomorrow. If I didn't mention, a new movie (filming begins next month) is also among my updates for you.

What do you say we talk again tomorrow? :-)

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