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Interview with author Kim Mullican about her novel Yoder's Farm....





Today, Kim Mullican has joined us in the forum to talk about her Amish novel Yoder’s Farm as well as as well as a horrifying real childhood event and lots of other great stuff. Let’s not keep her waiting.

Tim Greaton: Hi, Kim. It’s great to have you with us today. Now, some interviews start off slower than others, but I absolutely have to jump right in and ask you why you pause with a distant look in your eyes before talking about one particular relative?

Kim Mullican: I was brought up on a farm where hard work was a way of life. I always knew my grandfather was a little crazy, but when the FBI raided our farm, I discovered just how crazy he was. He was hauled off in shackles. That moment changed me forever.


Tim Greaton: That had to be shocking. But you’re close to your father, aren’t you?

Kim Mullican: My father is a dreamer. He always encouraged me to fight for what you want and to reach for the stars. He’s now my biggest fan. He travels the US talking about my books every chance he gets. 
 Taking Control

Tim Greaton: In the interest of digging up the juiciest stuff, what do you think our readers would find most surprising about you?

Kim Mullican: I am an avid angler. My husband and I spent our honeymoon at a state park in Southern Indiana and spent nearly every waking moment on the boat fishing. While many women would cringe at the thought of smelling like fish, having dirt under your nails and wearing no make-up at all, for me it was the perfect honeymoon. My husband planned the perfect honeymoon for us as a couple. It was great bonding time.

I’m also a compulsive baker, which my friends love, but my scale does not. I find it comforting and therapeutic for some reason. I think it stems from growing up poor and hungry. I’m always trying to feed people . . . sometimes against their will.

Tim Greaton: It’s obvious that you are a strong person. Where do you think that comes from?

Kim Mullican: Growing up on a farm, I learned early on about hard work and work ethic. You certainly could not skip feeding the animals or tending the garden. If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I will be able to survive off the land, shoot with precision and fashion a bomb out of duct tape, peanuts and a fuse. Okay, maybe the last part is more of a MacGyver fantasy, but you get the point.

Losing Control

Tim Greaton: A lot of us are guilty of stuffing failed projects into a drawer and revisiting them every once in a while. That’s not true for you, though, is it?

Kim Mullican: Oh no… I have no drawer. If something sucks, I trash it. I erase all evidence of it on my computer and refuse to discuss it again. I prefer denial. A good dose of denial can be healthy. Right?

Tim Greaton: But you haven’t really destroyed every single past work, have you?

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