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Interview with out-of-the-box author Jeremy Emling....



 Today, in the forum we have author Jeremy Emling. He has been doing some truly unique, out-of-the-box work with Memories Lost In Heaven’s Tears and his upcoming Diary of Destiny series. Let’s jump in and find out what it’s all about.
Tim Greaton: Did you have a relative who strongly influenced you?

Jeremy Emling: My first introduction into the world of literature was really from my Mother, who was and still is a huge Stephen King fan. As I became a teenager, her actions in my life enveloped into the main theme of my first book, “Memories Lost In Heaven’s Tears.” The negativity and abandonment she so easily gift wrapped and delivered to her youngest son ended up helping her become a character in my upcoming novel series, “The Diary Of Destiny.” I guess you can say it’s my way of thanking her for those devious actions, for if they never happened I truly doubt I’d be the writer that I am today, and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful.

Tim Greaton: Are most of your works available or do you have them hiding away? Do you think any of it will see the light of day?

Jeremy Emling: For the most part, “Memories Lost,” is a collection of my work and I’ve really moved on to living and breathing “The Diary Of Destiny” (TDOD). So as far as everything goes that I’ve done in the past, well, that’s just where it’s going to stay. TDOD is what my life is about now, and I am completely content on where I’m at…in the world of the UnKnowns.

Tim Greaton: Was there a place from your past that you’ll always remember? How do the memories of it influence your life/writing?

Jeremy Emling: The parental guidance that I had during my upbringing caused us to move a lot. Every year I was in a new town, starting a new school. Now as a child this always seemed to be such a traumatic event that I’d never make it through. Which in turn is probably the reason the life of my main character in TDOD, Destiny EverDream, is in such chaos and confusion, much like my own. But as I got older and started looking back on my life, I quickly realized that the robust amount of cultures I’ve met because of those yearly moves, are much more a blessing than something terrible. And once more is most likely the leading factor as to why the world of TDOD is filled with so many different personalities.
Tim Greaton: You often receive what compliment about your writing? Why do you think your writing stands out in that regard?                                          

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