Monday, March 18, 2013

Interview with fantasy author Mike Bailey about his novel "What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles"....



Okay, everyone. We’re in for a forum treat today, because Mike Bailey is about to share his unique opinions about all things literature. He’s also going to be talking about his first novel What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles.

Tim Greaton: Well, let’s get right into it, Mike. You have one of the most unique childhood stories of any author I know. Could you explain to our readers what I mean?

Mike Bailey: I ran away from home as a young teenager, stylizing myself after the main character from a book I had read called My Side Of The Mountain. For several years I lived “off the land” in a very small town surrounded by many miles of dairy farms. I had complete and total freedom and learned many life lessons, often the hard way. During this time I managed to stay in school. While I did not finish high school at the time, I did go back and continued on to obtain a college degree as well. Many years later, I re-read that book and found that while my experiences were not much like those in the book, the lessons learned were very similar.

Tim Greaton: Other than your writing, you have an impressive list of hobbies that actually generate income. How does that work?

Mike Bailey: (he smiles) I do have many hobbies. I am a spray paint artist (not a tagger) and often do live shows and exhibits where I paint in front of people. Generally, artists in this genre paint on posterboard, but I have been known to paint everything from bedroom ceilings and walls, to cars, to snow boards, to motorcycle helmets to…well anything I can get my hands on.

I’m a tattoo artist and body piercer with over 25 years’ experience, and I specialize in custom fantasy style pieces. I particularly love doing steampunk inspired pieces.

My wife and I collect (and sell) all manner of ‘silent’ or bladed weaponry. We currently have a collection of several hundred knives, swords, daggers, whips, axes, spears, etc.

I have also recently begun to delve into airbrush painting although this is a brand new hobby for me.

Tim Greaton: Whew! It’s amazing that you find any time to write. What kinds of books do you read?

Mike Bailey: I haven’t had much time to read the last few years but typically I stick to the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Isaac Asimov and Edgar Rice Burrows are my favorite authors.

Tim Greaton: It’s not surprising that with you being an artist people would find your writing visual, but your readers say it goes beyond that. Could you explain what I mean?

Mike Bailey: I often hear that my writing is progressive and enticing, almost erotic....

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