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Interview with author Scarlet James about her novel Uncontrolled Desires....


 Today, in the Forum, I have the pleasure of introducing the versatile and busy author Scarlet James, who is here to talk about her novel Uncontrolled Desires.
Tim Greaton: To a lot of people, Scarlet, you seem to be an overachiever. Could you explain to our audience what I mean?  
Scarlet James: Sure. I recently graduated from ICDC with an Associate’s degree in Homeland Security. Now, I am pursuing my certificate in Public Relations to better understand the business of entertainment and media.  I am very goal oriented and have recently started my own entertainment business as well. I currently manage a singer who performs songs by Conway Twitty.
Tim Greaton: Where you also so busy in childhood?
Scarlet James: Well to be honest, yes. I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, but my interests expanded when my truck driver dad took me with him one summer. Being a teenager stuck in a big rig wasn’t all that pleasant, but while seeing the country I discovered that I had a knack for writing stories. Once home, I got involved in theatre as well as writing. I loved it. I was also busy with sports, and especially loved high school basketball. Adding to all of that, I was a member of the police explorers in my home town when I was about 14 or 15 maybe.
Tim Greaton: A lot of writers point to a particular relative who positively influenced their career. That wasn’t true for you, though, was it?
Scarlet James: Growing up I never had any role models or positive influences. I tried to hide my writing efforts but once they were discovered, I was down-graded and insulted by my family members. To be honest, those barbs pushed me to keep working. I knew that I had something resembling a gift at a young age, and I try every day to get back to that place. From time to time I still get negative remarks, but rather than let those naysayers get me down, I work that much harder to prove them wrong.
Tim Greaton: As if you didn’t have enough going on, you have also started an online venture. Could you tell us about that?
Scarlet James: I am in the midst of building an online magazine site. Once fully established, we will also release print versions of each edition.
Tim Greaton: So, I understand that you had a mix of sports and art interests in your background, but what led you to pursue a degree in Homeland Security?
Scarlet James: Computers were always easy for me, and my teen work with the police gave me an interest in profiling and criminal investigations. I also learned a certain police-caution, which gives me a second sense about suspicious behavior and when things are not quite right. Sometimes, I can even guess how events might turn out.
Tim Greaton: What kinds of books do you read? Are they in the same genres in which you write?
Scarlet James: When I have time, I love to read Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele and Stephen King as well as a few others. I like to mix it up as I do with my writing. I write in different genres, depending on my mood at the time.
Tim Greaton: You have a deep enjoyment for travel. How does that influence your writing?
Scarlet James:  I really got inspired while on the road with my parents for two months. I did a lot of writing during that period, and it allowed my mind to open up. One especially inspiring trip took place when I was 17 in Florida. Something about the beach air and the ocean makes me come alive. I did some of my best writing while sitting on the beach overlooking the ocean and open sky. A lot of years have passed since then but two years ago, while in South Carolina, I experienced a similar awakening. That’s when I began the novel I’m working on now.
Tim Greaton: You’ve received a lot of positive comments about descriptions in your stories, but you also hear another comment fairly often. Could you share that with us?
Scarlet James: My early readers commented about the creativity and surprising detail in the seven books I wrote in a five-year period. One of those books has now been published. I’ve tried to build on that creativity and attention to detail. I now work with an agent who was especially surprised how well I write about the feelings of characters with the opposite sex. She encouraged me to keep that up as well....
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